The Top 3 Benefits Of The C18 Verifone POS System

Picture this: your convenience store is bustling, the lines are moving, and every transaction is seamless. The C18 Verifone Point of Sale System makes this dream scenario a reality. Let’s explore why upgrading to this modern POS is a game-changer for your business.

REO Service technician helping convenience store owner with C18 Verifone system

Verifone’s C18 System Keeps You Competitive In Today’s Market.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience stores are in competition with each other, grocery stores and even fast-food restaurants. Customers expect quick ordering, drive-thrus, and self-checkout options everywhere they go. If your system is outdated and lacks modern features, it impacts your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3 Reasons Why The C18 Is The Best Solution On The Market.

Hands down, the C18 from Verifone is the most game-changing and versatile solution we’ve seen in years. Here’s what sets this POS system apart:

1. Real-Time Insights Allow Data-Driven Decision Making.

Verifone’s C18 has many innovative features like a built-in camera, WiFi connectivity, biometric login, increased memory and a larger HD display. Plus, the customizable screen palettes allow you to track fuel states, authorizations, and dispensing at a glance. These real-time insights and features empower you to make data-driven decisions, boosting your store’s efficiency.

2. Intuitive Touch Screen Interface Increases Throughput.

The intuitive 18.5-inch touchscreen ensures speedy transactions. Customers prefer swift service, and the system delivers, preventing long waits that might drive customers away. According to a recent study, 73% of people will abandon their purchases if the wait time exceeds 5 minutes. The C18 keeps your lines moving, and your bottom line will feel it.

3. This POS Is Future-Ready With Self-Checkout & Seamless Compatibility.

Designed for the future, the C18 seamlessly integrates with various components and peripherals, eliminating concerns about system compatibility. It also handles payments without the hassle of recertifying existing POS applications. Plus, the system offers a customer-facing self-checkout kiosk option, a feature increasingly preferred by consumers and beneficial for reducing labor costs.

Technician working on C18 Verifone POS system

Count On REO Service Technicians For Expert Support.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden’s sister company, REO Service, supports convenience stores with cutting-edge POS systems, pump repair, environmental compliance, tank installation, and more. Our certified technicians are skilled in handling multiple POS brands, including the latest Verifone technology. Upgrade to the C18 Verifone POS System today and watch your convenience store transform into a seamless, efficient, and customer-friendly hub.

Upgrade Your POS System To The C18 by Verifone.