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View of Exxon gasoline station from the street

Ethanol-Gasoline Blends: What You Need To Know

Learn the key aspects of ethanol-gasoline blends, including the effects on engine performance, their impact on the environment, and their availability at the pump.
technician adding fluid and lubricants under hood of vehicle.

Lubricants You Should Always Keep On The Shelf

Heavy-duty vehicles need dozens of lubricants and fluids to run smoothly. Learn which ones the HRE team recommends always having in your inventory to optimize the performance of your fleet.
Technician working on Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene fuel tanks and pipes.

3 Ways Commercial Clients Can Reduce Fuel Costs

We share three ways commercial clients can reduce fuel costs, even in a volatile fuel market, by partnering with quality suppliers.
technician refilling tanks during bulk fuel delivery

The Pros and Cons of Bulk Fuel Delivery

Both site fueling and bulk delivery have benefits and drawbacks that will affect your company in unique ways. Learn about the pros and cons of bulk fuel delivery.
Close up photo of blue and silver diesel exhaust fluid delivery truck.

DEF – What It Is & Why You Should Use It

There are a lot of acronyms to keep track of in the fuel industry, and DEF, diesel exhaust fluid, is one of them. Whether you’re new to the industry and learning the lingo or a thirty-year expert and need a refresher, we’re going to break down what DEF is and why you should use it in your modern diesel engines.

REO Service Will Be At The SE Petroleum Show!

REO Service is a Hutchens Rentz-Eden company that provides experienced petroleum fuel equipment maintenance to gas stations and convenience stores.
Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene

What’s Affecting The Price of Diesel?

As gasoline prices continue to fall, many analysts hope that diesel will follow suit. Unfortunately, multiple factors continue to contribute to the high costs the trucking, transportation and education industries continue to encounter.
Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene

VISA To Help Small Business Owners Prevent Fraud At Fuel Pumps

Visa is supporting eligible small business owners in the fuel industry by enabling Visa Transaction Advisor (VTA) for no additional charge to help combat fraud at gas pumps. VTA offers real-time risk assessment when consumers pay for fuel at the pump, helping deter fraudulent payment attempts as fuel merchants work toward implementing EMV® technology, proven to reduce fraud. As fuel merchants upgraded their pumps to support EMV payments last year, counterfeit fraud rates declined simultaneously. From January 1 through September 30, 2020, counterfeit fraud rates declined by 22% and counterfeit fraud dollars declined by 32%. At the end of February 2021, approximately 51% of transactions on U.S. fuel pumps were EMV (VisaNet).