The Pros and Cons of Bulk Fuel Delivery

Having access to fuel is one of the most critical factors in running a fleet. Most businesses choose three main routes for fueling their equipment; going to gas stations, using job site delivery or installing fueling onsite with bulk delivery.

The Difference Between Job Site and Bulk Fuel Delivery

Job site fuel delivery is when a company brings their trucks to your site and fills up each piece of your equipment. In contrast, bulk delivery is when you install temporary storage tanks and pumps on your job site, and a fuel company fills those tanks. With bulk delivery, your employees fill up each piece of equipment as needed. Both site fueling and bulk delivery have benefits and drawbacks that will affect your company in unique ways. Here are the pros and cons of bulk delivery.

Pros Of Bulk Fuel Delivery

  • Increased Efficiency. Installing a storage tank makes refueling your fleet fast and efficient. Your team fills up whenever needed without requesting delivery which avoids sitting idle if they run out of gas. 
  • Bulk Fuel Is More Cost Effective. Depending on the fuel company you’re working with, you can budget more accurately when you lock into a long-term bulk fuel contract. The higher the volume you can store, the more likely you’ll lower your overall expenses.
  • Better Access To Fuel During Emergencies. National emergencies and weather systems impact supply chains. If you have a large store of fuel on your site, you will be more secure during these times and can keep your business running.
  • Enhanced Sustainability. Bulk delivery is also an environmentally friendly option. When you order fuel in bulk, you reduce the number of deliveries needed, which can help reduce carbon emissions.

Cons Of Bulk Fuel Delivery

  • Additional Liability and Risk. Storing large fuel volumes involves more liability and risk, which may require additional insurance coverage and staff training. You must also apply for additional permits and certifications when you own storage tanks. The good news is–the team at Hutchens Rentz-Eden can help you navigate these requirements! 
  • Idle Time During Refueling. Idle equipment time is created when your team pauses their work to refuel themselves instead of a third party coming to refuel for you during off hours. But the cost savings on bulk delivery make up for the time employees spend refueling.
  • Tanks Are An Investment. Tanks are a significant upfront investment. Depending on how long you will need storage at a site, there are varying levels of return on your investment. When you work with Hutchens Rentz-Eden, the tanks are included in the agreement, alleviating this additional expense completely.
Hutchens Rentz-Eden employee filling a fuel truck from a storage tank getting ready for a fuel delivery.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden Provides Bulk Fuel Delivery You Can Depend On

At Hutchens Rentz-Eden, we will accommodate your fleet’s needs. So whether you run a construction company, trucking company or other business, you can rely on us to keep you running. Contact us to get set up with the best fuel system for you.

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