3 Ways Commercial Clients Can Reduce Fuel Costs

For fleets of all sizes, fuel costs represent a significant expense. Add in the challenges of an unpredictable market and global supply crunches, and businesses may feel pressure to cut costs where they can. In this month’s blog, we share three ways commercial clients can reduce fuel costs.

Your Contract With Your Fuel Provider Can Benefit Your Bottom Line.

Working with your fuel provider to lock in long-term contracts and buy in bulk is a cost-effective way to purchase gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Many suppliers, like Hutchens, negotiate contracts with traders monthly. Suppliers can confidently stay within budget and purchase more supply from traders when they have established contracts with their customers. This system allows them to take advantage of the best deals available and pass those savings on to the end consumer.

Choose A Partner Who Embraces Modern Technology.

Time is a valuable asset and working with providers that process orders via pencil, paper and landlines isn’t an efficient use of your time. Your business can reduce costs by choosing a partner that uses online ordering, tank monitoring and digital invoicing. That way, you can spend more time running your business than playing phone tag or paging through old receipts to check past order details.

Make Sure Your Supplier Can Provide Consistent Volume.

Sure, a company may promise good prices and technology, but looking for a partner with diversified fuel sources and adequate storage is essential. Ask where they source their fuel and how much they can store. Quality suppliers get it from more than one place and can store large volumes at their facilities. This reduces costs by providing consistent supply and pricing – especially during global supply chain disruptions or national emergencies.

Technician working on Gasoline, Diesel & Kerosene fuel tanks and pipes.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden Is A Reliable Fuel Provider.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden has proudly served customers in VA, NC and TN since 1975. We negotiate contracts by the month, our online account portal makes business more efficient and our half-million-gallon diesel storage tank in Reidsville provides our customers peace of mind in volatile market conditions. Whether you run a convenience store or trucking company, you can rely on us to help reduce costs. Contact us to discuss your fuel needs today.

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