Lubricants You Should Always Keep On The Shelf

Just as heavy-duty vehicles have evolved in the last few decades, so have the lubricants that keep them running their best. Operators and managers often ask us which oils and fluids to keep on hand. And while every industry varies slightly, we will review the ones we recommend always having regardless if you work in construction, lumber, trucking, auto repair or another sector.

Lubricants & Fluids That Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.

Dozens of fluids and lubricants impact the performance of a heavy-duty vehicle, but these are the ones you should always have in your inventory:

  • Engine Oil – When you think about maintaining your vehicle, you likely think about changing your oil. It’s no different for heavy-duty operators and fleet managers. Engine oil lubricates several parts of the engine, reducing friction and improving performance. A well-lubricated engine burns fuel more effectively and extends the life of your vehicle.
  • Transmission Oil – Transmissions must stay lubricated to protect the gears and clutch packs. Gears will wear out quickly without the proper transmission oil or fluid. Worse yet–they can overheat, resulting in costly replacements or short life spans.
  • Grease – Greases are more complicated than people realize, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. They come in different grades with different thickeners and include a variety of base oils. Keep the right greases on hand for your grease points, and you will avoid reactive maintenance and breakdowns.
  • Synthetic Gear Oil – Synthetic gear oil is essential for gear wear and helps extend a vehicle’s protection from rust, corrosion, heat and oxidation. Having the right gear oil, formulated specifically for heavy-duty transmissions, increases fleet efficiency and reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Antifreeze isn’t technically a lubricant, but we had to include it because it’s so vital to the longevity of your vehicle. Antifreeze is an engine coolant that helps regulate temperatures at both ends. It keeps the water in your engine and radiator from boiling over (up to 275 degrees) and prevents the same water from freezing (down to 30 degrees below zero). Its properties prevent corrosion and keep things moving smoothly.
  • DEFDiesel exhaust fluid (DEF) isn’t a lubricant, but you don’t want to get caught without it. All heavy-duty diesel vehicles have separate tanks that release DEF that helps break down nitrogen oxides and reduce harmful emissions. Only a few gas stations carry DEF, so keep it on hand and fill up consistently.

Store Your Lubricants In A Controlled Environment To Maintain Shelf Life

We want you to keep these fluids on the shelf–but not forever. Extreme temperature fluctuations and humid climates can reduce their shelf life significantly. We recommend rotating your fluids using the first in, first out principle and learning how to read the coded dates on their containers.

lubricants stored on shelfing.

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