Protect Your Business With a Fuel Contract

A fuel contract protects your business from fuel shortages and unexpected disruptions. Learn why you need one for your Virginia business.

Our Commitment To Our Fuel, Lubricant & Service Customers.

Our dedication to our fuel and lubricant customers goes beyond just words; it’s ingrained in every aspect of our operations. “We Do What We Say” isn’t just a slogan; it’s the guiding principle that ensures our customers receive the exceptional service they expect and deserve.

Dyed vs. Regular Diesel: What’s the Difference?

Did you know diesel comes in different colors? This article explains the distinctions and applications of dyed vs. regular diesel. Read more.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden Acquires Fuel Dealer & Lubricant Divisions Of Watts Petroleum.

Hutchens Rentz-Eden purchased Watts Petroleum’s fuel dealer and lubricant divisions in the fall of 2023. Learn how this change complements and expands HRE’s relationships and product offerings in Central Virginia.

Hurricanes to Cyberattacks: How Fuel Contracts Protect You From Supply Disruptions

Learn how fuel contracts provide a safety net for your business during supply disruptions like hurricanes, cyberattacks, and more, improving your bottom line and peace of mind.

How To Save Time With Your Gasoline & Diesel Supply Management

Managing your fuel orders and inventory must be quick to meet the demands of your day. Learn how HRE’s online portal simplifies your job and allows you to check pricing, place orders, and review inventory.

Ethanol-Gasoline Blends: What You Need To Know

Learn the key aspects of ethanol-gasoline blends, including the effects on engine performance, their impact on the environment, and their availability at the pump.

3 Ways Commercial Clients Can Reduce Fuel Costs

We share three ways commercial clients can reduce fuel costs, even in a volatile fuel market, by partnering with quality suppliers.

The Pros and Cons of Bulk Fuel Delivery

Both site fueling and bulk delivery have benefits and drawbacks that will affect your company in unique ways. Learn about the pros and cons of bulk fuel delivery.

What’s Affecting The Price of Diesel?

As gasoline prices continue to fall, many analysts hope that diesel will follow suit. Unfortunately, multiple factors continue to contribute to the high costs the trucking, transportation and education industries continue to encounter.